The Long-Forgotten Light


The Long-Forgotten Light

The Vistani serenade Duke, Eeq, Scrambles and Valentine with a ballad about their homeland, depicting a plague of droughts and famine as a conquistador named Strahd sieged the region and took control. They continue with stories of ravens, and a champion claimed in the Amber Temple, concluding the song with a request for a warrior to free the kingdom from its mist prison.

Hair of Cinnamon

The Vistani once again present a ballad, chronicling the seemingly pre-destined fate of Ireena Kolyana, a re-incarnation of Strahd’s former romantic conquest Tatyana. They foretell that this young woman with red hair will start a war as well as take her own life by leaping from the spires of Castle Ravenloft.

When The Well Runs Dry

The Vistani are at it again, this time coming to terms with everyone’s eventual death, although it may come sooner than expected for our heroes. They sing about Duke’s death at the hands of Volenta, remind us that Ireena is going to leap to her demise from a tower, suggest that Scrambles get to a coffin maker shop, and predict that some of their audience will soon find themselves six feet under.

The Eternal Symphony

Not quite a song like the others, but a carefully timed speech by Lady Fiona Wachter reveals the great power within Ireena and speaks to her intentions to deliver on her promises to her cult and take control of Vallaki, as Ireena’s magic cures all ailments of those watching the spectacle.

All Will Be Well

The Wachter Sisters take the stage at the Festival of the Blazing Sun delivering a powerfully catchy anthem chastizing Baron Vargas Vallakovich for his harsh laws, strict punishments, and careless demeanor towards fixing Vallaki’s growing problems with the water supply, famine, wine shortage, disease, and vampire attacks.

That Same Old Serenade

After the Festival of the Blazing Sun Massacre, the Vistani sing a ballad about what the city of Vallaki is going through, detailing the misfortunes of the Wachter family as their coup attempt was circumvented by Valentine and Scrambles and establishing that the flames of Vallaki will only feed the town’s anger and hostility.

A Grave For Two

As part of their funeral for Madam Eva, the Vistani drink, sing and dance to commemorate the life of their former leader as Duke, Chuck Chuck II, Boris, Scrambles, Rex, Pandora and Van Richten join in on the sea shanty and pay tribute to those they’ve lost, what they’ve done, and what comes next.

The Land Of The Sun

Performing in front of the entire town of Vallaki, Tiara Wachter enchants the crowd as she sings for them to ready their pitchforks and torches as they prepare to defeat all those who wish them harm, citing the former leadership of Vallaki, the wolves, the vampires, and even our heroes themselves; as they prepare to leave Barovia behind and set a course for the land of the sun.