The Long-Forgotten Light


It Started In The

Village of Barovia

And The Future Came Into View

Tser Pool Encampment

And The Monsters Emerged

Tser Falls

And Deals Were Made

Old Bonegrinder Windmill

A City Sitting On A Powder Keg


Where Better To Hide From Evil Than Within Evil?


In The Name Of The Twilight Spirit


Nothing Pretty Like It Used To Be


A Heroes Return To

Village of Barovia

A Heroes Return To

Village of Barovia

No Turning Back Now

Tser Pool Encampment

A Rescue Mission In


Into The Darkness

Castle Ravenloft

Session 1

A Story Written In The Ashes

Adventuring party working off their community service, when Duchess Elantra tasks them with scaring off bandits before the big end of season festival. After a successful mission, the Duchess invites the party to be her special guests at the festival where our heroes meet The Vistani, a group of carnies that sing about their homeland and drug the party to sleep.

Session 2

Over The Rainbow

Waking up in Barovia without their possessions, the adventuring party seeks shelter from a storm in Durst Manor after meeting two frightened children outside (Rose and Thorn), locating a deed to the Old Bonegrinder Windmill inside a secret room within the mansion.

Session 3

Best Of Cruel Intentions

Continuing their exploration of Durst Manor, the party finds ghosts of the children they met outside and learns of the horrorific events that took place centuries earlier with the children’s mother Elizabeth Durst and her cult to worship a vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich. After her mother’s demise, the children’s father killed himself, leaving the children locked in their room to starve to death. The party found a glowing orb in the basement and pocked it before facing the monsterous of the Durst’s unborn child Walter in a sacrificial chamber and freeing him from his eternal prison… or so they thought.

Session 4

A Foot in the Grave

During a brief period of death, Scrambles came face to face with one of the Fanes (Seryabkina) who offered him a pail of water in a fever dream. The adventuring party found their way out of Durst Manor a.k.a. Death House and arrived in the Village of Barovia where they met Granny, an elderly woman who gossiped about the town as she went door to door selling Dream Pastries, of which she gave a few to our heroes. The party visited the Blood on the Vine Tavern and made the acquaintance of the 3 Vistani women who run the joint as well as a grisly old man who told long-winded stories and referred to himself only as The Devil (Van Garrett).

Session 5

Alive in Death Valley

During the night, Duke heard something outside his window and saw a man dragging a large bag on the ground with a lifeless arm hanging out of it. The next morning, a man named Ismark came into the tavern and after some ridicule from the owners, requested some assistance from the adventuring party escorting his sister to the nearest town Vallaki. Our heroes made a brief stop at Bildrath’s Mercantile to collect some discounted overpriced supplies, then visited the Burgomaster’s Mansion where they met a girl with red hair named Ireena, Ismark’s sister. Ireena demanded that her father be buried before agreeing to be escorted, which spurred a visit to the church to meet a panicked Father Donovich who accompanied the party on their way to the cemetary to bury the burgomaster, as he hurried the heroes out of his church where they could hear moaning from the basement.

Session 6

A Lonelier Version of You

Father Donovich warned the party not to take Ireena to Vallaki; but rather to seek refuge in Krezk at the Abbey of Saint Markovia. In the midst of the funeral, a headless horserider appeared and attacked the party as others took refuse in the mausoleum. Ireena began drawing a holy symbol on the ground of the shelter as Duke and Valentine fought off The Beheaded One, eventually causing it to flee but not before it cleaved off the head of Father Donovich. The adventuring party upped their price to escort Ireena and they took off for the town of Vallaki immediately only to be encompassed by a swarm of vampire bats on the road, leaving many unconscious or poisoned.

Session 7

Written in the Stars

Escaping certain doom from the vampire bats and werewolves they encountered on the road, the entire party got split apart. An unconscious Duke was sent away on horseback only to be found and revived by Ireena, Eeq and Scrambles fled into the woods where their horse became entrenched in a quicksand that it refused to escape from. Valentine arrived in time to help Eeq and Scrambles off the horse as they all watched the horse slowly sink with Lancelot the dog on its back. The three came upon a few furry creatures with large eyes and big teeth (Critters) as well as an empty campsite, both of which they quickly fled from as they coasted down the river.

Session 8

The Dark Road Out Of Hell

The full adventuring party found their paths converge at the Tser Pool Encampment where Dahnda explained that they can’t be mad at him for drugging them and stealing their belongings and joked that’s on the universe. The Vistani did what they could to make up for the party’s situation by giving them a few gifts, a map, and some food and drinks. Then Madam Eva read the fortune of each party member outlining their presdestined purpose in Barovia; to end the evil reign of the dark lord Strahd von Zarovich, with special tasks and predictive hints revealed to each of them. As they settled down for the night, the Vistani sang a ballad about Ireena entitled Hair of Cinnamon, detailing her centuries of lore and her future demise.

Session 9

Scars of Tomorrow

Taking a moment out of peril’s way, the party got a good night of rest followed by a fun game of Orangeeball with the Vistani the next morning. As the party continued on their way to Vallaki, Dahnda advised Tser Falls as a good place to make camp for the night along with 3 rules for survival on Old Svalich Road. As they departed Dahnda joked about all of Vallaki’s parties and festivals and sarcastically saying they sound fun, but noting they would never allow someone like him to attend. The party made camp at Tser Falls per Dahnda’s recommendation and proceeded to break all three rules he had mentioned to him just hours prior.

Session 10

Making Wishes in the Dark

After breaking all three of Dahnda’s rules about camping along the Svalich Road, the adventuring party faced yet another fearsome monster The Vorheesian Horror who terrorized the group with his ability to appear behind them whenever he wasn’t in sight and everyone got a glimpse of the regeneration these fallen heroes are cursed with. The next morning, Duke found Ireena outside of the tent hadhazardly swinging his sword at a tree and offered to train her on how to use it after an empassioned speech about no longer being the victim. The party set back off on the road and came upon an old broken down windmill. On their way through the woods to the windmill, they saw several dolls made of twine and sticks hanging from the trees as well as a woman riding a horse from the windmill who stopped to stare at Ireena’s hair as they rode past her.

Session 11

Seams and Stitches

Approaching the windmill, the party saw several ravens flying nearby or perched on its ledges. Our adventuring party knocked on the door and met Pandora, a colorful and bubbly baker who invited them in excitedly and began cooking and rearranging furniture for everyone to sit. Valentine prodded her for the secret ingredient to the Dream Pastries as others searched the house finding various animals including a werewolf locked up in the attic. They freed the animals and returned downstairs where Pandora cheerfully handed out more dream pastries and explained that she doesn’t get to meet people often since she can’t leave the windmill. She called for her sister Bella to come downstairs and meet her guests though, after a search no Bella was found to be in the windmill. Pandora alluded to her mom (Granny) who would be home soon and sat everyone down to read them a story from her favorite book, as she turned the blank pages of a book called “Faerie Tales From The Forgotten Land of Barovia” and read a story called “Hand in Hand”.

Session 12

The Ears of Envy

Being forced to sleep outside of the windmill due to his lycanthropy, Valentine awoke with his foot caught in a wolf trap to meet Strahd von Zarovich and the woman he’d seen leaving the windmill Volenta. Strahd explained that his reputation had been sullied by those envious of him and recruited Valentine to remove any prejudices Ireena had about him. Back at the windmill, Eeq found a severed finger under Pandora’s bed and panicked, as the entire party gracefully made a hurried exit from the windmill. Our heroes met back up with their fairy friend and took a shortcut through the woods towards Vallaki. After a quick fight with some critters, the party questioned Ireena about her past learning about her fear of wolves and her childhood magic teacher Ludmilla. After nightfall, they arrived at the gates of Vallaki where Eeq presented himself as royalty and the party used magic on the guard Brooneau to earn their entry into the gated city, making their way towards the Blue Water Inn.

Session 13

All Will Be Well

As they entered the city, Duke took noticed of a sign that read “All Will Be Well” in Ancient Barovian hung over the gate. The party arrived at the Blue Water Inn where a large crowd had gathered to hear the slow mournful songs of a young woman dressed in black and pink named Tiara Wachter. Speaking with the bartender Urwin, they learned that Tiara and her sisters used to be known for their cheerful fun songs they’d perform at the festivals but that all of her songs were mournful ever since her sister Aurora died of a disease called Black Lilac. Overhearing Urwin’s disdain for her new style of music, Venus Wachter threw a glass at him and the party met two of Tiara’s sisters: Twice and Venus. On the other side of the room, Ireena had sat at a table with a fourth sister Aoa Wachter and was telling her all about the party’s journey so far. 

As the performance continued, our heroes learned of the wine, water and food shortage and met a few more colorful characters including Rictavio, a local storyteller who talked of dragons and wizards; Yevgeni and Szoldar, two local wolf hunters who invited the party to join them for a hunt; and Victor Vallakovich, the son of the Burgomaster Vargas who was known for his strict rules and harsh punishments, who invited the outsiders to dine at Burgo Hill the following night.

Session 14

Mandatory Fun

Impressed with the magic they used on him, Brooneau the guard sought out the party at the Blue Water Inn and offered to give them a tour of the city, including Wachterhaus, the family that owns like a ton of businesses; Pattaya Road, the red light district; The Arasek Stockyard, warehouses and wagons; the Coffin Maker’s Shop, where everybody in town comes at least once; Town Square, the location of the taxed water well and venue for the weekly mandatory festivals; Blinksy Toys, is no Blinsky is no fun; Burgo Hill, where the Baron lives; and St. Andral’s Church, that protects the whole town from evil. During the tour, the party saw the head guard Izek lay down some intense justice as he broke the finger of a man who took more than his allotment of water from the well for his diseased son.

Our adventurers then met up with the wolf hunters for a quick excursion into the woods gathering wolf meat and pelts. They noticed severe monitoring as they made their way both in and out of the gates. On their way back to the Inn, they noticed a scuffle going on in an alley as several people watched Venus Wachter fist fight a man. After her victory, she called out Duke to enter the fight club ring and the two threw punches at one another until Duke knocked her out. She was helped up and gave respect to Duke for his skills. 

Session 15

Before The Devil Knows

The adventuring party traveled to the Burgomaster’s Mansion for dinner where Eeq and Vargas discussed the specifics of what their two kingdoms could offer each other. After some talk, they agreed that Eeq and his men would build an aqueduct from Lake Zarovich for the profit of both the Baron and the party. As dinner continued, Vargas spoke about the legend of Anastrasya Karelova, a former Vallaki noble that was burned at the stake after false accusations of witchcraft. He later invited the party to a grand feast for all nobles at the Church of St. Andral in 3 days time. After dinner, Victor gave the party a tour of the home, including his secret attic workspace where they found the Tome of Strahd. Returning to the Blue Water Inn, the party received a letter with an invitation to dine at Wachterhaus the following night. Yevgeni had gotten word that meat prices were spiking and invited the party to join him on a nightly wolf hunt, which ended in tragedy as Volenta appeared and slit Duke’s throat as the party watched on from the forests.

Session 16

Blood For Blood

Seeking help for their friend, the party followed Yevgeni through the woods to a secret Vistani Camp where Madam Eva agreed to resurrect Duke if they rescued a young Vistani child named Yoonah who had gone missing. Eeq allowed Eva to pull from his life force to bring Duke back to consciousness and they quickly ran toward Lake Zarovich in search of the young girl, with Duke’s life draining every hour before they found her. At Lake Zarovich, they found the town drunk Bluto attempting to drown the young girl as a sacrifice for more fish. They saved Yoonah and returned to the camp where Dahnda had arrived and sang them a song predicted upcoming deaths called When The Well Runs Dry.


Session 17

Walls Protect Our Neglect

Valentine visited the northern wall and found a crowd of werewolves strategizing a plan around the walls. The Vistani thanked Eeq and Duke for their service and offered a prize of their choice to be delivered to the magic shop in Vallaki Town Square. The party saw various flyers for the upcoming Festival of the Blazing Sun had been graffitied with words like Resistance and Papaya, much to the Baron’s dismay. Returning to the Blue Water Inn, our heroes saw Twice on stage performing with a violin – a talent that Ireena explained she had simply just formed over the course of an hour after watching someone play it. The party gathered in their bedroom and collectively discussed the Tome of Strahd, the Fanes, Strahd immunity to all damage, and his four brides: Ludmilla, Anastrasya, Escher, and Volenta.

Session 18

Heroes Never Die, Part I

A brief chat with Rictavio at breakfast revealed he may know a lot more about monsters and Strahd than a typical story teller would. The heroes visited the Church of St. Andral where Father Lucian begged them to discover who took the bones of the saint and hastily return them to the alter in the basement so the city will once again be safe from evil. 

Session 19

Heroes Never Die, Part II

Following up on a lead from Father Lucian, the party followed Svoldar to the Arasek Stockyard discovering the only bones he had were wolf bones he was feeding a tiger in Rictavio’s wagon. Searching around the warehouse, our heroes discovered a giant carnivorous plant that terrorized the group, nearly killing Valentine with it’s long reaching vines. Gerard escorted the party to Wachterhaus where they met Lady Fiona Wachter who regailed stories of previous visitors to Barovia who fought Strahd and either died or were cursed as a result, including her own husband Lao. Twice offered to enhance any weapons the party may need assistance with, as her mother bragged about each daughter’s talents. Lady Wachter escorted the party downstairs after the Orange Caramel dessert where they saw an orange tree growing as an orange gemstone hung over it. The heroes then entered a cultist room where Lady Wachter explained that they have been waiting for Ireena’s arrival for some time and mentioned how she would surely end the town’s misery, recruiting the party into The Resistance with the request to kill Izek.

Session 20

A Well Without Water

Realizing Yoonah was one of the fated allies Madam Eva told them to find, the party returned to the Vistani Camp to retrieve her and return back to Vallaki. The guard duty was seemingly light at the gates, as most were on patrol at the Feast of St. Andral. The party checked out the Coffin Maker’s Shop where after a brief interrogation of Henrik the coffin maker, they determined he had stolen the bones which were stored in his attic – the same attic that also housed over a dozen vampire spawn.

Session 21

Carrots and Sticks

Henrik pleaded for forgiveness from the party citing that “she” made me do it. Eeq grabbed the bones of St. Andral as vampire spawn began to emerge from the shadows. Henrik took his own life as the party fled from the shop and vampires began terrorizing the entire town. They raced across Vallaki, fighting the monsters and Volenta along with a tiger on their side. Aoa Wachter was killed by a vampire trying to protect her orphans, but luckily Gerard was able to give her a healing potion. Seeing wolves also beginning to make their way into the city, Eeq raced into the church with the saintly bones grabbing the attention of all the nobles and servants current engaged in the Feast of St. Andral.

Session 22

Hell Hath No Fury

As Eeq raced into the church with the bones, Anastrasya Karelova appeared in a swirl of black mist and began lighting the church on fire and attacking our heroes. Valentine raced away from the combat, as Duke, Scrambles and Eeq joined up with Izek to kill the vampire witch. As Scrambles delivered the finishing blow, Duke returned the bones to the alter and all the vampires, zombies, wolves, and monsters vanished.

Session 23

Embers Everlasting

After the death of Anastrasya, Strahd appeared to Scrambles and Duke to deliver a similar offer as he had to Valentine, in the pursuit of Ireena’s approval. Izek told Scrambles he fights with courage and presented him with a brooch. The church burned to the ground as nobles watched on, including Lady Jolin who playfully chatted with Duke building him up as a hero to the city. Seeking to help those in need, Valentine distributed water to anybody who needed it as Eeq healed two victim of Black Lilac. The next morning, everyone was woken with the mandate to attend the Festival of the Blazing Sun. Upon arriving at the Town Square, the party found Twice performing the violin on stage. As she finished, her sisters joined her as the crowd started cheering loudly for what looked to be a style of performance they’d been missing. Valentine prepared a bomb behind the stage as Aoa looked nervously at her sisters about what they were about to do. Venus mounted a paper machete head of the Baron as the song began to play “All Will Be Well”.

Session 24


Tiara stood on the stage with her hands up in the air as the crowd cheered loudly after her politically charged performance with Venus and Aoa. Vargas screamed for Izek who darted to the stage and threw Venus to the ground. Vargas made a speech about the crimes of the Wachter sisters and called for Izek to hang a rope around Tiara’s neck. Eeq manipulated Izek from actually pushing her off the stage, but one of the Deacons grabbed her legs in Izek’s stead and tossed her from the stage snapping her neck. Eeq cut the rope saving Tiara’s life as Twice screamed and lept from the stage to Izek’s shoulders repeatedly stabbing him with her small knives. 

Lady Wachter blew a whistle and made a speech for Vallaki to rise up and reject the despotic laws of the Burgomaster. As she sliced the neck of Vargas Vallakovich with a sickle, the audience began cheering and lighting buildings on fire, attacking guards and just generally going ape shit. Izek, Ireena, Brooneau, Eeq, and Duke fled the town square as Valentine and Scrambles pushed the wicker ball bomb into the middle of the crowd and ignited it, killing Venus Wachter, Gerard, and several young children. Scrambles shot Twice dead as Valentine hunted down Tiara and finished her off. Heavy smoke and soot prevented Valentine from finding the nimble Aoa who was able to heal Twice but not Tiara. The party made their way through the firey and smokey streets as mob rule took over, rescuing Lady Jolin and killing Victor Vallkovich in the process.

Session 25

Anywhere But Here

Our heroes fled from Vallaki as a horse drawn carriage manned by the Vistani was waiting for them. As they rode away, they were able to take a shot at Lady Fiona Wachter who was leading a mob after the rest of the nobles. The party made its way to Dregothenholt, an old castle like mansion deep within the Svalich Woods, finding Rex along the way. Mounted outside of the mansion were four scarecrows that upon future inspection were identified to be real humans torn apart into many pieces and freshly placed back together on the wooden stakes. Entering the mansion, the party navigated their way through a hall of mirrors finding doors and entering them. Getting separated by the mirror maze, small groups of the party fought off gremlin creatures until the familiar face of Rictavio showed up.

Session 26

Telling Secrets in the Dark

  • Billy rescued from a magic mirror.
  • Horatio re-assembled.
  • Rictavio reveals he is actually Van Richten, the famed monster hunter.
  • Van Richten introduces his partner Zeljko.
  • Van Richten proposes an alliance to fight Strahd together
  • Vistani refuse to pledge against Strahd
  • Izek snickers that Vistani aren’t to be trusted
  • Group practices combat, working as a team
  • Sorvia and Alenka show up in a wagon delivering a letter from Strahd and Poob
  • Sorvia takes note of Rex surprised he is still alive.
  • Party learns about the past adventures of The Vorheesian Horror using his mask
  • Party spies on various NPCs using a magic mirror to see what they are currently doing.
Session 27

Paint The Stars

  • Van Richten rallies to group to make a plan.
  • Everyone discusses what remaining items and allies they need to find.
  • Party decides to split into 3 groups, one for Krezk, one for Castle Ravenloft, and one for Berez.
  • Horatio finds his way into the basement to search for dragon bones.
  • Party discovers Ein wrapped in a giant spider web
  • Combat with Xenomorphs
Session 28

Heaven’s Winds Brings Hell’s Storm

  • Party discovers hidden room in basement with Bugjin.
  • Billy frees Bugjin from his magical prison.
  • Party spends a long time trying to open a door.
  • Team Ramrod goes to Krezk.
  • Lady Jolin offers everyone else as a sacrifice to the Twilight Spirit in return for entry.
  • Zeljko meets an old friend named Dogwood who exchanges information with him.
  • Party ventures up the mountain to the Abbey.
  • Solves a puzzle box to gain entry into an octogonal room filled with offerings to the Abbot.
Session 29

Butterflies and Hurricanes

  • Fun items: Monkey’s Paw, Chainsaw
  • Combat with Puppet Master and Demonic Toys
  • Party kills all puppets and meets The Abbot
  • The Abbot explains there is no escape from Barovia and vaguely details his attempts
  • The Abbot agrees to go with the party if they help him find his creations (Horatio and Pandora)
  • Party takes all the broken toys and returns to the town of Krezk.
  • Dogwood talks a little bit about The Light, a powerful sword.
  • Dogwood tells the party about the shrines of the Fanes and the gemstones they are trapped in.
  • Twice shows up at the gates of Krezk and offers amnesty to everyone in return for The Abbot
Session 30

All The Knots We’ve Tied

  • Twice offers Eeq a deal – his life in return for Scrambles and Valentine.
  • Greymalkin attacks twice through the gates.
  • Twice and her war machines rain terror down on the town of Krezk, killing many.
  • Izek returns and attempts to attack Twice and the guards, but Twice uses Duke’s darkness spell on him.
  • Billy wishes on the Monkey’s Paw, giving Twice the aerial advantage of sight.
  • Rex drags the drunk Abbot through the gates and offers him to Twice to end the fight.
  • Twice makes deal with The Abbot to fix her sister Venus, in exchage for her help finding Pandora.
  • Vallaki guard invites Rex to hop on one of the war machines as they return to Vallaki.
  • Duke uses the magic mirror to learn about what has happened to the Wachter Sisters.
Session 31

The Eternal Symphony

  • Dinner at Castle Ravenloft
  • Izek turned away from the gate, goes back to Dregothenholt
  • Lady Jolin kept as a sacrifice
  • Rex and Twice alternate swigs of wine as they ask each other questions.
  • All Will Be Well sign is torn down with Papaya graffitied over it.
  • Stream of water fills the middle of the street using the VWW schematics.
  • Twice heals an orange tree using her gemstone necklace.
  • Burgomaster House being dismantled, used for War Machine parts.
  • Svoldar and Jijibo being tortured in the basement of Wachterhaus.
  • Twice has plans on the wall, Yester Hill – garlic and blood
  • Rahadin
  • Volenta enters dinner with blood on her mouth and hands, says she was feeding her piggies.
  • Strahd points out that he isn’t the bad guy.
  • Sticks and Carrots
  • Ireena is the key to breaking the curse.
  • Death of Izek, Taroo, Momo, Poob
Session 32

Nothing Pretty Like It Used To Be

  • Kikuchi, Lizzy, and The Beheaded One
  • Horatio flees
  • Longest combat evarrr
Session 33

Tonight Is Forever

  • Team Ramrod to the rescue
  • The red gemstone
  • Rex takes the party to Yester Hill
Session 34

The Flames We Once Believed In

  • Rex avoids questions about his relationship with Strahd
  • Chuck Chuck II describes his life in Castle Ravenlot
  • Zeljko and Rex determine releasing the Fanes removes Strahd’s immunities
  • Group stops off to visit Sorin
  • Sorin attempts to kill the group and take the stone, per instructions from his master
  • Party splits up and one group traverses the swamp to Petrosky Semetary
  • Swamp group releases the Fane Katyakitcha
  • “I seek a champion”
Session 35


  • Ireena begins manipulating sunlight with her hands
  • Yoonah reads her cards and advises the group to leave their current location in a panic
  • Ouiji board agrees with Yoonah
  • Valentine casts a Tiny Hut for the group to stay in
  • Volenta arrives with vampire spawn and torches Jenny
  • Swamp group tests their worthiness to become a champion of The Morning Lord
  • Zeljko and Duke do pretty well, everyone else does poorly
  • Rex and Duke tell the Fane they could ally with the Wachters to take out Strahd
  • Katyakitcha selects Tiara Wachter as her champion
  • Garlic and blood
  • Aoa draws her bow from behind the tree
  • Tiara controls mummies, ravens, and trees; Revives Aurora’s spirit
  • Group flees
Session 36

Walking with Strangers

  • Horatio draws on his past with memories of Pandora, The Abbot and stars
  • Horatio meets Mordenkainen
  • Horatio meets a young child in the woods
Session 37

A Story Missing A Wishing Well

  • Rex joins Aoa and Tiara, leads them to Twice
  • Rex finds Horatio digging holes with a naked guy
  • Tiara fails to control the undead skeleton
  • Twice has decimated the Vistani Camp
  • Rex saves Twice from being shot by a Vistani archer
  • Rex admits bodies in Dregothenholt weren’t Valentine and Scrambles
  • Swamp group fights anacondas 
  • Swamp group meets Damien, a musician who tells them about Marina
  • Damien agrees to escort the group to Marina’s Monument
  • Scrambles instructed to give Valentine to Volenta
  • Volenta finds the tiny hut by pointing in random places
  • Volenta bargains with each person in the tiny hut to give her Ireena
  • Ludmilla arrives and secures Ireena by asking for her
  • Ireena goes to wagon and Ludmilla sets traps for the tiny hut group, removing the hut
Session 38

Red Stargazers On Her Grave

  • The sacrifice of Berez for Marina
  • Battle of public perception between Twice and Tiara
  • Aoa’s resistance
  • Twice defends Rex’s contributions
  • Twice’s fatigue
  • Rex steals the orange gemstone
  • Twice lays the moves on Rex
  • Rex flees Vallaki with ravens watching at the gates
  • Yoonah realizes her own fate and tells Scrambles 3 important notes before death: Katyakitcha is just as dangerous as Strahd, your world will perish if Strahd gets there, find the other red head before dawn.
  • The Slimmer Man hunts Billy
  • Scrambles uses the Monkeys Paw and everyone becomes buried alive


Session 39

All That Glitters Is Gold

  • Swamp group finds The Holysymbol of Ravenkind
  • Swamp group runs from Baba Lysaga
  • Horatio finds a fucking skeletal dragon!
  • Tiny hut group digs out of their graves before drowning from the floods
  • Lubdan attacks the group taking his treasures, including the statue of Marina
  • Yoonah dies
  • Rex sees Hongdae Girls hanging flyers describing an “enchanting performance” by Tiara
  • Rex hunted down by Aurora Wachter
Session 40

And The Stars Went Dark

  • Swamp group flees Berez and finds Horatio in the woods on their way to Village of Barovia
  • Rex taken prisoner in Vallaki, with a severely pissed off Twice
  • Tiara declares that Rex will join the other prisoners to be killed in Town Square
  • Rex makes an impassioned speech to Twice about how to beat Strahd
  • The Abbot says he has finished what Twice requested of him and only wants his creation
  • Tiny Hut group takes Yoonah’s body to Tser Pool where Madam Eva reminds them of two critical tasks: Find The Light Sword and Protect The Girl With Hair of Cinnamon
  • Eeq restores Mordenkainen’s mind
Session 41

Those Who Wish Us Harm

  • Rex is measured for cement shoes.
  • Aoa and Tiara question Rex about “The Land Of The Sun”
  • Aoa gives Rex a knife and says it is a test
  • Hours later, Twice enters Rex’s cell and stands close enough for him to attack her
  • After some discussion, Twice takes Rex on a journey showing him the atrocities committed by Strahd, the Vistani, Scrambles, Valentine, and the wolves.
  • Twice forgives Rex for stealing and enlists him in her guard.
  • Twice, Venus, Rex and guards dive in Lake Zarovich for the black gemstone
Session 42

Loose Threads

  • Everyone except for Rex converges in the Village of Barovia
  • Bildrath has taken over Village of Barovia
  • Mad Mary is imprisoned
  • Valentine confirms black gemstone is in Vallaki
  • Group sets up plan to ambush Wachter Sisters at Old Bonegrinder Windmill
  • Vistani outcasts attack
  • Sun fractures the sky and brings peril to half the group
Session 43

Fractured Skies

  • Rex finds the black gemstone but is killed by shark
  • Venus saves Rex
  • Tiara revives Rex
  • Wachters return to Vallaki to find wolves attacking
  • The sun appearing in the sky completely knocks out Tiara
Session 44

Alone and A Frayed

  • Group interrogates Mirabel
  • Mirabel explains the scrying orb and Scrambles gets rid of it
  • Pandora is missing fingers and an eye
  • Group attempts to push Pandora out of the windmill to no avail
  • Horatio sees Pandora and recognizes her as the girl from his hazy memories
  • Horatio and Pandora wrap their pinkies and say “Always”
  • Horatio mends Pandora back together
  • Half the group searches the basement of Old Bonegrinder finding four evil witches