Notes for Character Creation (click to expand)


Unlike most DnD campaigns, the entirety of Embers Everlasting will take place during one day – predominately at night, meaning no sunlight and mostly dim light. To correct for this, you will receive any benefits you’d typically only get from a “long rest” during a “short rest” as we will have several short rests throughout the playtime. Note this severely weakens the Warlock class. Also, all characters will get darkvision (the ability to see in the dark) with the exception that there must be at least some light (a candle) or a star in the sky. Standard darkvision will also only be able to see with some light, a small change to its mechanics given Barovia’s dark nature.


You can create any kind of character you want. Nothing is off-limits. DnD has several character races and classes, but feel free to look up “homebrew” races and classes. Maybe you want to have the powers of one of your favorite Avengers or X-men? There’s absolutely options for that. I’m available if you have any questions. Just remember that you will not be in sunlight often and you’ll automatically get darkvision. In this particular world, there are no cars or trains, however due to a recent discovery of arcanite and saltpeter as a general propellant, guns are available as a weapon choice.


Knowledge of the previous campaign is not necessary, as you will be playing a character new to the environment. However, it’s very possible that your character has heard stories of Barovia, how it came to rejoin the Material Plane, and the subsequent war that began just a year after. You may want to know what’s going on in the sociopolitical scene before you pick your character, but it’s totally up to you.

That may sound a little intimidating, but I have provided some history below for your enhanced role-playing experience. Additionally, there are some changes to the typical way DnD is run for this campaign that I want to highlight so you can create a character that will best fit into the world.

That being said, your character may not know anything about Barovia or the war. This is all optional reading, but it could certainly help guide your decisions.

Here is a VERY HIGH LEVEL rundown of what has transpired over the last 8 years…

 Nearly 900 years ago, the region of Barovia was removed from the Material Plane into another dimension as part of a curse placed on the vampire ruler Strahd Von Zarovich. The darklord Strahd was defeated at the hands of Duke, Boris, Zeljko, Billy, Ireena, Aoa, Chuck Chuck II, and their fallen allies (Rex, Valentine, Eeq, and Horatio – many of which are featuring prominently in a statue in the center of the capital city Vallaki) 8 years ago and Barovia merged back into Faerun in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

 Known for the lush Gardens of Berez and the seasonal Vistani carnivals, Barovia become a popular tourist destination for the wealthy until public sentiment turned when a virus called Black Lilac began to spread to neighboring regions. Kingdoms surrounding Barovia began referring to the disease as “The Barovian Plague” and urban legends of monsters that dwell in the forests, lakes and mountain tops of the new region spread like wildfire.

 King Vincerent Bellum of the Turmish Kingdom rallied the other kingdoms in the Sea of Fallen Stars and advocated for travel bans and embargos on trading with “the land of monsters.” A war began between King Bellum and Barovia’s Queen Aoa, which continued for the next seven years.

 Outnumbered and burdened by inferior technology, Barovia looked to be an easy conquest for the king, however the region’s uncharted landscape, disorienting mists, and seemingly haunted forests proved to create a difficult battle zone for Faerun’s forces. The witchcraft and creatures within the dark turned out to be more than urban legends and time felt distorted for the invading troops. What was expected to be a simple military exercise left many soldiers traumatically scared once they returned from the land of monsters – instilling a new fear into those rotating in.

 After seven years, King Bellum acquiesced to Queen Aoa’s pleas for peace talks and sent his two sons to meet with her and negotiate a treaty. Unfortunately, the queen would never make it to the talks after her death in a freak accident.  By virtue of her death, one of Queen Aoa’s escorting guards named Kara attended in her stead to conduct the meeting, establishing a temporary cease fire.

 Here we are six weeks later, and you have been invited to the coronation of King Bellum’s infact son Prince Braten, taking place at the Oerladda Estates – a castle and fairgrounds known for its vibrant festivals.