The Long-Forgotten Light

Player Resource Page


Voice and Audio

We use Jay’s Discord server for voice chat. The #General voice channel is used for audio during the game.


Visual Gameboard

We use Foundry VTT for the visual component of the game.  The link to the gameboard can be found at the top of the #lfl-updates channel in Discord.

If you have any questions on how to use it, feel free to ask and we’ll all be happy to help. You are responsible for your own character sheet; I won’t be policing it or checking it over unless you ask me to.


    In addition to using Discord for voice audio, we also use it for chatting. There are 4 channels under The Long-Forgotten Light:


    • #lfl-updates will just be for announcements by the Gamemaster
    • #lfl-recordings will have video recaps of our sessions. These are set to private.
    • #lfl-chat is for general discussion about anything. Could be DND related, could be jokes, whatever.
    • #barovia is for in-character chats between game sessions. Use this channel to talk to others as your character – strategize about what’s about to happen, joke about an experience you just had, ask about another player’s history, etc. Go nuts.


      For the most part, we use all the standard DND rules, but there are a few tweaks. This is a living document and may change as we progress in the game, but not without a chat about it at the beginning of a game session.

      Character Building

      • Don’t use the Mystic Class
      • Don’t use the Human Race
      • Don’t use the Yuan-Ti Pureblood Race
      • No guns or modern weapons.
      • You can carry whatever you want in your backpack within reason.
      • Archers will have unlimited arrows
      • The Remove Curse spell does not exist



      • Spellcasters will not need to have the material components to cast spells.
      • You can drink potions as a bonus action
      • You can swap weapons without an action
      • It’s a bonus action to equip/put away shields
      • Characters who drop to 0hp gain a level of exhaustion.
      • Death is different in the land of Barovia and other things may happen if you die.

      Living Your Best Life

      • Your character will not have to eat, drink, pee, or poop but you can if you want.
      • When you do a skill check on something, you can’t try again unless the DM allows it.
      • In order to help another player with a skill, you must be proficient in that skill.
      • Players can award one point of inspiration to a teammate during a session if they do something the player considers cool or bad ass. Inspiration must be used in the next combat session. Use it or lose it.


      RESOURCES is a huge help for learning about your own class and race, as well as pick spells.

      If you are so inclined, there are a variety of great YouTube videos on DND 5e. I highly recommend The Dungeon Dudes.



      We started fleshing out characters and tentatively have 3 small guys and a dook.

      • Scrambles is a Rogue Kobold who was sent off on a rite of passage mission for his village, and needs to bring something meaningful back to his tribe.
      • Valentine is a Halfling Wizard who has spent his life in isolation from his people aspiring to attain a great revelation. He has since acquired such and is on his way back to his people to deliver the message.
      • Dook is a Kalashtar Hexblade Warlock and by far the tallent member of the group.
      • Eaq is Goblin Peace Cleric who is somewhat of a scaredy cat.

      The Great Dale which houses the forest of Lethyr, The Mucklestones, and more is a scenic area known for it’s druidic history. There are pillars of former cliffs that still stand among the trees of the forest, beautiful lakes, and highly sought after vacation destinations for both the elite and high-middle class.

      With tourism booming in the area, there are also a fair amount of hospitality and service workers to tend to these visitors, as well as a helping of small time crime kept mostly in check but it does still happen from time to time. The prime tourism calendar for the area spans from late Tarsakh to the end of Eleint, at which point the region essentially shuts down for the year. The month of Eleint is the most popular time of the year before it goes completely dead.

      There’s vacationing estates on the lakes primary, but the Forest of Lethyr is also a big attraction because of the stone trees (which are just cliffs that have eroded into tall skinny columns). There is hiking and sightseeing for sure, but there are also recreational activities organized by the local community. Everything from exotic horse riding shows to karaoke contests, silly camp games, swimming, dancing, etc. It’s also a bit of a networking event to an extent. You’re not really paying for the activities as much as the company with which you’re participating in them with.

      We’ll be starting right after the tourism industry begins it’s break, but you guys would have likely been imprisoned while it was still going. 

      The group has all found themselves in a jail holding sell for minor crimes and has been sentenced to community service for the Oerladda Estates manor at the edges of the Forest of Lethyr, pictured at the top right of the Faerun map shown here.

      None of the party members knew each other before their time in the jail cell, but they got to know one another while serving out their short sentence. 

      Scrambles was on the run from the authorities after committing theft when he bumped into Eaq on the street. He hid his stolen goods on Eaq attempting to evade arrest, but he just ended up getting them both arrested.