Removing Vocal Tracks from a Song

Removing Vocal Tracks from a Song

Want to make your own instrumental version of a song? Audacity is a free application that can easily manipulate audio and create karaoke versions of songs for you. To begin, download Audacity from After you have downloaded and installed the program, follow these simple steps to remove the vocal track of your audio file.

Step 1. Open your audio file from the File menu.

Open your song file
Step 2. Highlight the track and click on the arrow next to the name, then select "Split Stereo Track".

Split into Stereo Tracks
Step 3. You'll notice there are now two track for the song. Highlight the bottom track, click "Effect" in the menu bar and select "Invert"

Invert the bottom track
Step 4. Go to the arrow next to the song name for each track and open the track menu; select "Mono" from the list.

Change tracks to Mono
Step 6. Play the track to make sure everything sounds right. If you're satisfied with the outcome, you can export the song from the file menu.

Export the song to MP3
You'll notice this doesn't work for all songs and some may come out sounding a rough. It all depends how the song was originally mixed.

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Posted Sunday, January 06, 2013