Changing the Pitch of a song with Audacity

Changing the Pitch of a song with Audacity

So you have a song that you want to change the pitch on for one reason or another. Maybe for karaoke, maybe for some sort of mixing experience you're doing, whatever the case may be; Audacity is a free application that can easily manipulate audio for you. To begin, download Audacity from After you have downloaded and installed the program, follow these simple steps to change the pitch of your audio file.

Step 1. Open your audio file from the File menu.

Step 2. Click Effect from the menu and select Change Pitch

Step 3. Set proper pitch change settings for your desired result. You can change the pitch by musical note, semitones or halfsteps, frequency or a percentage.

If you change it too drastically, you notice the whole song seems to suffer, but for simple changes of 1 or 2 halfsteps, Audacity does a pretty good job for such a simple conversion.

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Posted Sunday, January 06, 2013